Sasha Banks: Unknowns destroy her car

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Sasha Banks: Unknowns destroy her car

Sasha Banks and Naomi, former couple champions of the WWE main roster, had left the arena where the Monday Night Raw show was to be held, on May 16 after a big disagreement on the direction of their booking, with all the creative team and in especially with Vince Mcmahon and John Laurinaitis, who were very saddened by their behavior.

In fact, initially the booking of the evening provided for the participation of both women in a six-pack challenge match in the main event to decree the number one contender for the Raw title held by Bianca Belair, with Naomi who should have even won the contest, so their release forced the backstage team to quickly change the script, airing a simple 1 vs 1 between Asuka and Becky Lynch at the last second.

In the last few weeks that Vince McMahon has been in office as Chairman, WWE has literally burnt earth around its two athletes, eliminating them from any on-screen and off-screen references and also eliminating their Facebook pages and references in the WWE Shop.

official, in which their items and gadgets for sale have disappeared. All this, obviously wanted directly by Vince McMahon, who, however, is currently retired and out of the family company and who is succeeded by his daughter Stephanie as CEO and his son-in-law Triple H as regards the creative part.

Sasha Banks and the car destroyed by some careless

In the last few hours, the former WWE main roster champion wanted to share with her fans a bad gesture of which she was unfortunately the protagonist, through her stories on her Instagram.

Having parked her green car and then gone away for just five minutes, Sasha went back to the car and found herself in a nasty surprise, which is a broken window, with someone accidentally hitting the car, then running away.

Everything was immortalized by the athlete herself, who, however, took her to laugh, with the car that will now be repaired at her expense. It all happened in one of the central streets of the town of Oakland.

Sasha Banks