Bill Goldberg: "I wish I had hurt Chris Jericho"

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Bill Goldberg: "I wish I had hurt Chris Jericho"

Throughout WWE's recent and past history, there have been numerous athletes who have become main eventers over the years, becoming some of the most famous pro-wrestling superstars in history. Some have already arrived in WWE as a main eventer or almost, such as Bill Godberg or Chris Jericho, who had made their character a prominent character, already from their stint in WCW, which at the time was followed as much as the WWF and therefore created Superstars on very important Superstars, such as Sting or Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit.

Over the course of their careers, Goldberg and Jericho have become perhaps even a little too close in the backstage of the WWE, with some stories of the locker room that have reported how the two have repeatedly come to blows, due to their very smoky characters.

In one of these stories, it is even told how Jericho once managed to KO the mammoth opponent, with a submission move of a martial art, which with a few seconds stretched out Goldberg, requiring the intervention of some colleagues to divide the two.

Goldberg reveals after years the enormous hatred towards Jericho

In his last speech on Talk Is Jericho, podcast of his arch rival from years ago, the WWE Hall of Famer wanted to tell an anecdote that fans still did not know, despite everyone already knowing about the relationship of love and hate between the two wrestlers.

In his speech, the former Universal Champion of McMahon said after admitting that he wanted to harm his colleague for years: "What we were doing with the WCW, I was trying to have a match with him and eventually we culminated in the Nassau Coliseum.

We never had that match, but we ended up with you taking a spear in the hallway. To date, it has been one of the most terrifying races of my career. He was always mad at me, he wanted to kill me' Obviously, you never did, but that thing made me walk six feet down the damn ramp.

You remember Elimination Chamber, when I threw you at the glass. If I didn't care about you as a human being, I would never have raised the glass from above you after. These little things people don't see. They don't understand them.

I could have hurt every single person I had with me in the ring and vice versa, everyone could have hurt me too, at the end of the games, you try to be the most professional as human beings and to work for the best of business."

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