Kane: "I won't go into the ring to get bump anymore"

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Kane: "I won't go into the ring to get bump anymore"

Big Red Machine Kane has performed on the rings of Monday Night Raw for a whole career and now has also deservedly entered the Hall of Hunger for the company of the McMahon family, one step away from his final retirement, which has not yet arrived officially.

Although his ring half-brother, The Undertaker, has now abandoned his boots and the ring to prefer a retired life, with family and tranquility, Kane has instead become mayor of his own county, going to engage in a political role that he had never faced in his life, having only ever wrestled for years, in Knox County.

Fortunately for him, Kane was also one of the wrestlers who suffered the fewest injuries of all, with his half-brother The Undertaker, who, unlike him, underwent over 20 operations to fix the damage done in the ring, including punctures, fractures and bruises.


Kane rules out going back to the ring to get grand bump

In his latest interview, released on The Right View with Lara Trump, the WWE Hall of Famer wanted to talk about a possible return to the ring, with the mayor of Knox County who answered the reporter's question by denying that he wanted to return to take big bumps.

in the ring and revealing: "Yes, currently I don't do much anymore. I don't want to go back to a wrestling ring and get knocked out because I don't want to get to this point. But yeah, I still do something on occasion. For example, WWE recently had SummerSlam, which is WWE's second largest event of the year in Nashville at Nissan Stadium, where the Titans play and I announced the audience for the evening.

It was wonderful for me to just go out there and be a part of that. I mean, it's one of the biggest shows on the planet and this is a unique experience that nothing else can match when you go out in front of thousands of people and stuff like that.

Now I am sure that I will also be able to do great things from the mayor's office thanks to the fame I have achieved. When I find out that someone is a wrestling fan, I always go and talk to them, to try to make some money. So I can use it all for the benefit of the people of Knox County, which is my role as mayor."