Ric Flair: "I passed out twice in my last match"

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Ric Flair: "I passed out twice in my last match"

Fans were able to see Ric Flair in the ring alongside his son-in-law Andrade El Idolo against Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal, with the Nature Boy returning to the ring at the ripe old age of 73 year-old. The four put on a great show in Nashville the night after SummerSlam, which aired from the same city.

Several wrestling legends such as The Undertaker, Mick Foley and Bret Hart attended the last match of the Nature Boy. The 16-time WWE and WCW World Champion and Andrade managed to take home the victory by sending the audience into raptures.

Despite a few moments of apprehension during the contest, Flair recovered quickly enough and did not experience any physical problems after the match. "The doctors waited for him in the locker room immediately after the match ended.

Ric was exhausted at the end of the fight, but after resting and being checked, he said he was starving and he wanted to eat something. After recovering, he enjoyed the rest of the night in Nashville," said PW Insider's Mike Johnson.

Ric Flair and the fainting of his last match

As several fans and insiders will have seen during his last match, Ric Flair had some tough times in his latest Nashville fight, with the post-match being very worrying for him, as the athlete now In his seventies he didn't answer Andrade's questions and couldn't get up.

In his latest speech released to the microphones of his To Be The Man podcast, the Nature Boy wanted to talk about the fainting that occurred in his match, saying: "The idea was to get the tag and then I crawled. But I had everything in hand and people noticed it.

I think everyone has seen it. I crawled up there, covered, one, rescue. Then at some point, he came with the guitar. You know, bingo. When I went down, I passed out again. I had just passed out and Manny was saying, Sir, you have to get up.

I had a brass knuckle. Sir, you have to get up' Okay, so I got up and I knew where we were and I knew we were home. But I swear to God, twice in one match, I went completely out, unconscious."

Ric Flair