Shinsuke Nakamura: "Soon my resurrection in WWE"

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Shinsuke Nakamura: "Soon my resurrection in WWE"

After an Intercontinental Champion reign gone by the wayside, Shinsuke Nakamura is once again parked in WWE mid-carding. Many have criticized the Company for its poor use, including Kurt Angle. With Vince Mcmahon retired from the scene and the reins taken by Triple H, Nakamura's future could change for the better.

The Japanese wrestler posted a cryptic message on social media: "Someone killed me, but soon there will be my resurrection." A tweet addressed to that of Bayley, who had tried to revive a mannequin of Nakamura that ended up on the carpet.

But there may be some truth in the message.

Is everything ready for Nakamura's resurrection?

Nakamura had started a rivalry with Gunther in the past few weeks, which many thought would culminate in a SummerSlam titled match, but it didn't.

With Triple H at the helm it is very likely that the match will be formalized for Clash at the Castle, an event that will mark the return of WWE to a British stadium after more than 30 years. For many it will be the UK's Wrestlemania.

Nakamura was one of the great protagonists of the NXT iteration managed by Triple H, winning the NXT Championship twice and becoming the protagonist of great matches. The last time the intercontinental title was defended in PPV was at WrestleMania 37, last year, when Apollo Crews defeated Big E in just 6 minutes.

Considering how in the last episode of Raw we returned to give great importance to the US title, most likely the same scenario will happen with the other secondary title. But that's not all, because Nakamura appeared to be destined for an Undisputed Universal Championship match against Roman Reigns, but the two never faced each other.

For Bill Apter, a well-known Wrestling journalist, it was yet another slap in the face against the Japanese wrestler. Waiting to understand what his future will be in WWE. In the next week should come updates about Nakamura's resurrection.

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