Freddie Prinze: "Vince McMahon will return to lead WWE"

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Freddie Prinze: "Vince McMahon will return to lead WWE"

Freddie Prinze Jr talked about Vince Mcmahon's retirement from WWE. Prinze has revealed that one day Vince will return to the helm of the federation, in his opinion. The former WWE writer spent a few years with the company before being hired as a producer and director.

During his Wrestling With Freddie podcast, Freddie commented on Vince McMahon's retirement from WWE. Although he understands the gravity of the situation, the actor explained to co-host Jeff Dye how adamant he is that Vince will return to running the federation: "Everyone comes back.

John Laurinaitis was fired and comes back. Bruce Prichard was fired before and has returned twice. As peculiar as it is, since it makes little sense maybe, I'm not really trying to be a conspiracy theorist." Ric Flair just said publicly: "Vince promised me that I would be back in WWE titles.

Every promise he made to me, he kept it and now Ric is back in the opening segment of Raw and it's one of those things where when that episode of "Dark Side Of The Ring" came out I talked about it. I'm glad." Vince McMahon officially retired from his executive functions with WWE last Friday and was subsequently replaced by Stephanie McMahon, Nick Khan and Triple H with specific roles.

Despite everything, he will remain the majority owner, as Freddie Prinze Jr pointed out: "He still owns almost all of the controlling shares. I think he still has 80-85% of the majority shares and also the right to vote. I don't know where.

are they going or what are they going to do." Freddie Prinze Jr hasn't appeared in WWE since November 2010. He once appeared as Vince McMahon's doctor. Despite everything, Vince remains under investigation for allegations of violence with former female employees who have received over $ 14 million for their silence.

After that, WWE was given the task of restating several financial ratios to account for the balance sheet.

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