Rey Mysterio: "I'm waiting to have the feud with Dominik"

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Rey Mysterio: "I'm waiting to have the feud with Dominik"
Rey Mysterio: "I'm waiting to have the feud with Dominik" (Provided by Sport World News)

After the huge celebration reserved for John Cena, for his twenty years in the McMahon company, WWE wanted to dedicate an entire month to the celebrations of another great and legendary athlete of the company: Rey Mysterio.

The San Diego wrestler also made his WWE ring debut in 2002 after a great stint in the ECW and WCW rings. Already in the last episode of Monday Night Raw, we saw how the federation left ample space for the athlete, letting him speak with a long promo in the center of the ring, only to be attacked by Judgment Day, upon returning to the backstage.

What the fans of the company have been wondering for some time, however, is when the company thinks of separating the two athletes, or pare and son: Rey and Dominik, with the two he also had the honor of becoming the first tag team in history made up of father and son, to become champions of the federation.

In fact, for months there has been talk of a split, with one of the two who could make his sensational turn heel (most likely Dominik), turning his back on the other, but up to now, there hasn't been anything yet.

Rey Mysterio talks about the feud with his son Dominik

In his latest speech, Rey Mysterio was asked the fateful question, or why he and his son have not yet arrived at the famous and much rumored split, with the San Diego elf saying: "We talked about it already during his first few weeks of training.

I remember sitting with him and saying 'Can you imagine if you start working and then team up with me and eventually, you know, I end up doing a turn on you or you on me?' Yeah, that would be cool. Beyond time, it's like, I don't think we can do that.

Our connection is so intense, you know, from day one, at the age of seven and Eddie Guerrero and me. I don't think we would be able to, the storyline has to be attractive, but I need to feel that moment, during that time. Now, I just feel that, we are on excellent terms, but there must be something special." With these words, therefore, Rey has not categorically ruled out a possible split, but he wanted to confirm how we will need something big and important to give him the pushed to separate from the son in the ring and in this case, only the creative team with the triple ideas can help.