WWE shares soar after Vince McMahon's retirement

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WWE shares soar after Vince McMahon's retirement

Vince Mcmahon's retirement from WWE, announced last Friday before SmackDown, has shocked the entire world of wrestling and beyond. The news was reported by any media source and beyond, followed today by the announcement of a new promotion for Triple H: the multiple world champion will in fact be at the head of the creative team.

Apparently Vince's decision, certainly forced by the controversies of recent months, has had positive effects on the Company's shares on the stock exchange and on its economic status in general. On Friday we were around $ 66.21, while today they were at $ 71.68: an increase of over 8%, therefore, in the last few days.

But that's not all, because today the WWE also announced an increase in financial data for the second quarter. The communication was signed by Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan, now both CEOs of the Company.

WWE shares soar after Vince McMahon's retirement

Some crew members remain skeptical of Vince's departure, while others expect big changes in the short term.

According to some sources, moreover, other scandals should end out, Paul London already said about him about the late Ashley Massaro. The news of Hunter's new promotion was instead enthusiastically received by fans and professionals.

All eyes are now on Monday Night Raw tonight's episode, live from Madison Square Garden and already Sold Out, which will in effect be the first of the post-Vince McMahon era. It would seem instead that in the new WWE there is no longer any place for Shane: relations with Stephanie would not be idyllic and their ideas on how to manage the Company's product, and not only, would be conflicting.

On the other hand, Paul Heyman was different: the former head of ECW would have made excellent contacts with Vince's daughter and could receive an important position in the future that goes well beyond his on-screen role as manager of Roman Reigns.

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