Ric Flair: "I'll have my daughter Charlotte next to my last match"


Ric Flair: "I'll have my daughter Charlotte next to my last match"

Ric Flair will team up with Andrade El Idolo, his son-in-law, and will face the team composed of Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett for his last match to be held during Starrcast V in Nashville over the Summerslam weekend. A rather unusual match, and for some on paper quite disappointing, but consistent with Flair's past history: Jarrett and the Nature Boy have known each other for decades, having fought in WCW and WWF, while Lethal and Flair were the protagonists of a great rivalry in TNA, not to mention the fact that it was Lethal himself who prepared him in recent months to return to the ring.

We also remind you that Jeff Jarrett will also be part of the match for the men's WWE couple titles during Summerslam in the role of special referee.

Ric Flair: "I'll have my daughter Charlotte next to my last match"

If Andrade El Idolo, who is currently in the pits injured, should recover in time, there is no certainty on Ric Flair, with the Nature Boy who revealed: "I have plantar fasciitis in the lower part of my foot.

Other than that, I'm perfect. The damn thing hurts. I'm at the doctor right now. They'll start injecting me." Asked if it could cause any problems for the match, Flair replied: "I'd just like to patch it up if I have to. You know me.

It bothers me every day. It's hard to run between the ropes with the middle of the foot, the middle of the foot is like that. sensitive. I trained hard. I'm happy it's a tag team match. So I can hide a little more. " Speaking of partnering with his son-in-law, Ric Flair also addressed the issue of the presence of his daughter Charlotte Flair, WWE Superstar, at the event: "She will be there, but I don't know if she will be in front of the cameras.

She would not miss him. I don't think she'd miss it, even if Andrade wasn't involved. She might not be in front of the cameras. A lot of kids will be there. Rey Mysterio, Apollo, Pat)McAfee, Kid Rock will be there."

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