Mark Henry: "The Rock wanted to leave WWE"

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Mark Henry: "The Rock wanted to leave WWE"
Mark Henry: "The Rock wanted to leave WWE" (Provided by Sport World News)

WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry wanted to affirm that The Rock was very close to leaving WWE early in his career, due to the gimmick that McMahon they had pinned him. In his speech, Henry in fact stated: "He fought tooth and nail to get out of his first gimmick.

He got to the point of saying, Man, I hope I get back to being fit for the field because if so I'm going back to playing football. He hated it. He wanted to leave. He got to the point of saying Let me try different things and when he started trying, he did it in the cars, he tried it in his car.

He was like, Hey, Mark, which one did you say your last name was? and I was like Dumb, you know my surname, and he imitating his catchphrase from The Rock. It doesn't matter what your surname is!" One of the most important matches that WWE seems to want to build in its immediate future is the clash between cousins ​​of Samoan origin, The Rock and Roman Reigns, both descendants from the Anoa'i family tree and both absolute Superstars of the world of wrestling.

Mark Henry: "The Rock wanted to leave WWE"

In recent years, The Rock has focused solely and exclusively on his acting career, with the former WWE Champion wanting to leave wrestling, returning only from time to time to the McMahon family rings.

During one of the usual backstage segments that aired at last year's Survivor Series, we saw Roman Reigns walk into Vince Mcmahon's office, where the WWE Chairman welcomed his Universal Champion, seated him at his desk. Right on the table where Vince works, there was a huge egg, called Cleopatra's Egg, which Vince McMahon revealed to be a gift from Reigns' cousin to the WWE Chairman, worth 100 million dollars.

After this scene, a Roman Reigns quite annoyed by the thing left the WWE patron's office, letting fans realize how annoying it was. According to the latest rumors, The Rock had been busy during the airing of Wrestlemania 38, but WWE seems to be continuing to try to build the match for next year, or for Wrestlemania 39.