Cody Rhodes: "Doctors say this about my injury"


Cody Rhodes: "Doctors say this about my injury"
Cody Rhodes: "Doctors say this about my injury"

The legendary wrestler Cody Rhodes returning to WWE after spending years on rival AEW's squad, wanted to reveal how federation doctors didn't give him a roadmap for his recovery from injury, which it is usually a practice for all of his colleagues.

Rhodes revealed: "My doctors do not give me a timetable or an indicative date of return because they are afraid that by doing so, I will try to speed up this schedule, jumping and perhaps anticipating the recovery by a month or even two.

I already had a huge bleeding during the operation, there was so much blood." Knowing the character of the boy, the WWE medical staff wanted to take things calmly and not stipulate a feasible return date, because otherwise, the former Intercontinental Champion of McMahon, he would have done everything to return earlier, perhaps to the detriment of his physical health.

The injury

The last match that took place in a WWE pay-per-view for him, or Hell in A Cell, which caused a lot of discussion within the company and among all the fans of the main wrestling federation in the world was the one who saw Cody Rhodes manage to win (for the umpteenth time) the clash with Seth Rollins, with the two giving life to one of the federation's matches of the year.

What caused the most stir, however, concerns the son of art: the former AEW played the match despite the laceration or rather a net tear of the pectoral muscle, an injury he had in training before the match, also quite evident.

Despite this Rhodes gave birth, together with The Visionary, to a great match. The day after the match, the two saw each other again on Monday Night Raw: Rollins initially said he respected Cody and only then attacked his opponent mercilessly, leaving him suffering on the ground after hitting him several times with a blacksmith's hammer.

Through a press release, WWE announced that Cody Rhodes will remain stationary for nine months, after undergoing a major surgical operation to fix his laceration and the wrestler will therefore miss several important events of the company, including first and foremost Money in the Bank. , in which Cody seemed one of the favorites.

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