The reason why John Cena won't be at SummerSlam

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The reason why John Cena won't be at SummerSlam

In the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez confirmed that John Cena will not be attending SummerSlam and provided further details on his future. Alvarez revealed: "John Cena is busy filming the Pacemaker 2 TV series right now.

He's working on it just as we speak. That's why he won't be attending SummerSlam. He just went back to Raw and said he'll be back in the ring someday. but not even he knows when. There are rumors that he will return to Wrestlemania 39, but nothing is certain." In an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda, NXT star Cameron Grimes expressed all her enthusiasm for John's fleeting return: "I was really pleased to see him back in WWE, it's great that he's back.

John Cena is a freak of nature. We are talking about one of the greatest ever, there is no doubt about it. Cena had the ability to transcend wrestling and is still a source of inspiration for many kids today. Whenever he appears on our show, I put my schedule aside and tune in."

John Cena's come back

John Cena made his highly anticipated return on Monday Night Raw on June 27 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his WWE debut.

While there has been a small confrontation between him and Theory backstage, it doesn't look like this feud is set to continue in the weeks to come. The 16-time world champion has made WWE history, as well as having contributed to the spread of the product in every corner of the planet.

The Boston-based champion ranks fourth on the WWE Champion list by overall number of days and holds the record for the most pay-per-view events won in a year. According to reports from the well-known portal Fightful Select, the leader of the Cenation will not take part in SummerSlam, the most important PPV of the summer. In all likelihood, you have to wait until WrestleMania 39 to see it in action again.

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