Booker T returns to the ring!


Booker T returns to the ring!

In 2005, more precisely in Houston, Texas, the legendary Booker T started his own small reality called Reality of Wrestling. A reality that has taken hold in the independent world, which over time has been able to give pleasant surprises such as one of the most interesting discoveries now located within the WWE, we are talking about the first ROH Women's Champion in history and current NXT Women's Tag Team Champion, Roxanne Perez (also known as Rok-C).

In a show of its own ROW, its founding leader, the six-time world champion (including 5 in WCW), former couple champion of Impact and creator of the Championship legend during his time with the Main Event Mafia, official WWE Hall of Fame member, Booker T.

The 57-year-old fought in a 10 man tag team match with Mysterious Q, Bryan Keith, Blake Cortez and Gaspar Hernadez against Gino Medina, Stephen Wolf, Will Allory, Edge Stone and Ryan Davidson. Obviously Booker T went out of his way to be recognized and celebrated in the best possible way and so chose to make his entrance wearing one of his most famous costumes during his years in World Championship Wrestling.

After retiring, Booker T was employed in various roles for WWE. General Manager, commentator, columnist in the pre-shows of PPV is still today often continues in a role of this type. His bond with the federation then led him to be WWE Hall of Famer twice with first single entry in 2013 and second in 2019 together with his brother Stevie Ray to celebrate their historic tag in the WCW years, Harlem Heat.

A legendary figure who never ceases to amaze his fans over the years.

Booker T