Vince McMahon's reaction to the scandal that hit him

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Vince McMahon's reaction to the scandal that hit him

According to what was reported in recent weeks by the Wall Street Journal, Vince Mcmahon is allegedly undergoing an internal investigation by the WWE board of directors for having paid 3 million dollars to a former employee with whom he would have had an extramarital affair, obviously in the dark.

of his wife Linda. It is still unclear whether that amount came from Vince's personal funds or whether the company's money was used. The situation has degenerated in the last few hours and many are wondering if McMahon's position is in danger, even if it seems very unlikely that the owner of the WWE will really risk his psoto.

The well-known portal Fightful, in recent days has revealed further details on this delicate matter: "The sources we spoke with told us that the relationship between Vince McMahon and the paralegal had been suspected by many in the company, having noticed how the latter continued to receive substantial promotions despite budget cuts." Apparently, other shadows on Vince McMahon's past have also emerged in the last few hours, with other alleged extramarital affairs poised to emerge from the Chairman's past.

How is Vince McMahon experiencing this situation?

Apparently, the WWE Chairman would be running his business backstage at WWE quite naturally and normally, with the giant money machine that is Stamford's company, being pulled as if nothing were by its owner.

As stated by Dave Meltzer and several other overseas reporters, Vince is continuing to work in the various backstage WWE shows, unblinking, as if nothing has ever emerged from his past. Many, among the insiders, are convinced that no one would have survived working to the accusations that have invested Vince McMahon, but he instead continues to go on like a train, not talking about the thing in the least and continuing to carry on every little aspect of his work, as for 40 years now.

In practice, the biggest concern has the people close to Vince and not him, with the Chairman who continues undaunted on his way, without batting an eye.

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