Alexa Bliss: "Here's What Bray Wyatt Told Me Before Leaving WWE"


Alexa Bliss: "Here's What Bray Wyatt Told Me Before Leaving WWE"
Alexa Bliss: "Here's What Bray Wyatt Told Me Before Leaving WWE"

In 2020 Bray Wyatt, at that moment plus The Fiend, and Alexa Bliss joined forces in a horror-nuanced partnership that went to trouble a prominent personality in WWE, namely Randy Orton, a rivalry that then ended in Wrestlemania 37 in a match that disappointed a bit the fans who certainly expected something more from the two.

Bray Wyatt was then fired in July 2021 after several months of inactivity, in fact right after Wrestlemania, which took place in April, we have not seen him appear on TV again, which is quite worrying given that it was a constant of the weekly shows and ever since.

he has dedicated himself to some projects not related to wrestling. Speaking with Alistair McGeorge of Metro, Alexa Bliss revealed what Wyatt told her prior to her release: "Before leaving, she just said, 'Keep it alive, keep going,' so I took it to heart and I tried to keep it alive and go.

If he ever comes back, I'd like to work with him one hundred percent," she said.

Little Miss Bliss praises her old partner

Also during the interview the wrestler said: "He is a creative genius in every sense of the word. He made me raise the bar of my performances.

Obviously he helped me a lot with the Dark Alexa character that I had to take and evolve into. its own entity, and put a bit of a twist on things. Everyone wanted to work with Windham, he's so good and so creative. He put so much effort into his craft, and for me it was like: How can I create something alongside him without lowering his integrity, lowering his character, lowering his stuff? Why do you have to try and do a better performance.

than usual and adapt instead of bringing the other person down to match your level. I really tried in that sense to do justice to his character. He is the best!"

Alexa Bliss Bray Wyatt

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