Theory is Mr. Money in the Bank 2022


Theory is Mr. Money in the Bank 2022

The men's Money In The Bank, as easily predictable, ended up in the main event of the evening with the athletes who battled to get to the briefcase and win the contract to be cashed on a champion. As we could see in the last month, there were several qualifying matches to choose the participants, as happens every year and in the end we ended up with Seth Rollins, Sheamus, Omos, Drew McIntyre, Riddle, Madcap Moss and Sami Zayn .

Except that once they walked in, officer Adam Pearce came out by surprise and from there the fans began to understand that something was about to change because it's never a good sign when WWE officers come out. In fact, the man told everyone that Theory would also be taking part in the match, who had lost his titled match against Bobby Lashley shortly before that evening.

Everything has changed and half liked it

Obviously when these things happen it becomes more than obvious that the winner of the match will be the one who was entered last, there is a probability of at least 90% if not more and in fact it was.

Despite the great commercials that there have been, like when all the wrestlers pulled up Omos and crashed him on the comment table, or when Riddle RKO from the very high scale to Seth Rollins or when Drew and Sheamus stole the show for several minutes, it was the young Theory with very little time in the ring and a few memorable moments in the match, who took the briefcase.

Needless to say, the WWE Universe was divided a lot on this, there are those who are happy for the push of the young man and those who booed him, like practically everyone present in the arena, also because this recommendation from Vince McMahon perhaps he is starting to tire, taking over who deserves more than him.