Bray Wyatt or Gable Steveson: who was in the Money in the Bank video?


Bray Wyatt or Gable Steveson: who was in the Money in the Bank video?

During the night, WWE sent its umpteenth ppv, Money in the Bank, to the archives, with the paid event of the Stamford federation which found a lot of success among the fans of the company, especially for the numerous and sensational twists.

and frontal reversals, which fans expected, but not up to this point. After seeing Liv Morgan go for Money in the Bank and seeing her cash on Ronda Rousey, Bobby Lashley also beat his opponent, champion Theory, to snatch his third US reign from the company.

Champion of McMahon, with the WWE All Mighty that is now launched towards a truly important career finale. What left the fans shocked inside tonight's PPV, however, was not only the victories of the athletes, but also a video staged by the federation, which leaves a lot to the imagination and hides a possible debut or return, in the federation's rings, which could soon upset the internal balance of the federation.

Bray Wyatt or Gable Steveson. Who was at Money in the Bank?

During the direct of Money in the Bank, the Stamford federation staged a video in full Wyatt Family style, with fans who in fact made the name of the former leader of the WWE stable viral on social media in the night.

In the video, however, there are no faces of any kind, with the federation framing only tombs, abandoned houses, semi-extinguished light bulbs and a walking male figure. Now the doubt of the fans is between Gable Steveson, winner of a gold medal at the last Olympics, who has not yet officially debuted in the WWE rings despite having signed a contract several months ago and Bray Wyatt, who was rumored to be returning some week ago, for changing his Twitter name back to "Wyatt 6" The doubt about Steveson stems from the fact that WWE has framed a medal hanging in the bush, with fans immediately thinking of the winner of the Olympics who appeared at Wrestlermania in the ring, to take it out on Chad Gable.

At the moment we do not know anything different from what emerged from the video, so we just have to wait for further developments on this matter.

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