"People were envious of John Cena," said WWE legend

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"People were envious of John Cena," said WWE legend

During the latest edition of WWE The Bump, WWE Hall of Famer JBL described the locker room reaction when John Cena took his first steps in the company. JBL rexplained: "When he came to WWE, nobody liked John Cena. There was no specific reason to justify that hatred.

He was a young boy, who looked good and people were a little jealous. John has adapted with impressive speed, always maintaining a respectful attitude towards other wrestlers. Within a few months, everyone began to appreciate his style of him and to hope that he would be successful in this business ."

The former WWE Champion admitted he had one big regret: "When I joined WWE, I wasn't ready for a big push. I was sure I could do it, but then I realized it was more difficult than I imagined. I was overwhelmed by the system at first and was unable to fully express my talent.

Having been champion elsewhere did not guarantee me that I would have the same success in WWE. It took me some time to get used to that environment."

John Cena's come back

John Cena returned on the June 27 episode of Raw to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his debut in the Stamford federation.

According to insiders, the 16-time world champion will soon start a feud with Theory that will culminate in SummerSlam, the biggest pay-per-view of the summer. The last official match played by Cena dates back to almost a year ago, but the Boston champion does not seem to have lost the shine of his best days.

The leader of the 'Cenation' made the history of modern wrestling, engaging with all his energy even outside the ring. John ranks fourth on the WWE roll of champions by overall number of days and holds the record for most PPV events won in a single year. Starting in 2017, he decided to take on a part-timer role to devote himself to cinema.