The Undertaker praises Stephanie McMahon

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The Undertaker praises Stephanie McMahon

During a recent interview with, The Undertaker expressed his opinion on these latest incidents regarding Stephanie McMahon. The Deadman explained her point of view on the affair: “"tephanie McMahon is an incredible woman and she will prove it in the coming months.

This new role suits her perfectly. Stephanie is a balanced person, able to see the big picture. Her steady, calm hand of hers is exactly what WWE needs right now. She is not selfish at all and she knows how to manage business like few others.

I believe you are the right person in the right place. You will do great things for the company, I am sure." The Deadman also spoke of her very long career: "One of the main secrets of my longevity has been the absolute dedication to my character.

People have always seen me as The Undertaker, even in everyday life. When people met me at the airport, they acted as if they were facing Taker. My attitude has always been in line with my gimmick. In some ways it was a sacrifice, but I have to admit it was worth it.

What will I do in the next few years? I have no idea. I miss being in the ring, but I am aware that I can no longer perform at the level I would like."

What happened

WWE was overwhelmed by yet another scandal. Vince McMahon is in fact undergoing an internal investigation for giving $ 3 million to a former employee with whom he had an extramarital affair.

Vince temporarily stepped down as CEO of the company, giving way to his daughter Stephanie. In the past few days, people have wondered why the board of directors chose Stephanie to replace Vince. CNBC's Alex Sherman gave an explanation: "I was told that Stephanie was chosen as CEO right after she left the company to devote more time to her family. It's a clear indication that Vince Mcmahon has no intention of stepping aside."