Damian Priest: "Don't believe everything you read about Vince McMahon"

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Damian Priest: "Don't believe everything you read about Vince McMahon"

Damian Priest urged fans and insiders not to trust everything you read around Vince McMahon. Damian explained: "The first time I met Vince McMahon it didn't go as I expected. I thought I would find a stern man with an intimidating attitude, because I had heard this around.

Backstage there was this perception of him. Vince told me not to believe everything I heard around." He also adde: "Business tends to distort people's perception. Ultimately, we are talking about a human being trying to run a business.

McMahon can also be very friendly and funny." Wrestling expert Bill Apter commented on Vince's recent appearances on Raw and SmackDown: "If his appearance on SmackDown was surprising, it was even more surprising on Raw.

Nobody expected him to appear on the red show as well. It must be said that the fans greeted him with a warm welcome. Vince is making sure that the public love him and take his side in this very complicated period of his life."

Damian on Vince

Damian Priest is currently on the Raw roster and is part of the faction called The Judgment Day. That group has changed abruptly since the former US champion kicked out leader Edge with the help of Rhea Ripley.

The stable is now led by Finn Balor. The Archer of Infamy gave an interview to Steve Fall for NBC Sports Boston, in which he touched on a myriad of topics. At one point, the conversation turned to Vince McMahon. The now former WWE boss has a reputation for being intimidating and rude to his underlings.

These rumors have escalated further following the recent scandal that hit him. Recall that Vince is undergoing an internal investigation for giving $ 3 million to a former employee with whom he had entered into an extramarital affair.