Gisele Shaw: here is her important statement

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Gisele Shaw: here is her important statement

Pride Month always highlights the struggles that the LGBTQ + community has always waged for rights like anyone else. And after this month's celebration with WWE and AEW, with the second who chose a transgender woman as her representative, Nyla Rose, here comes a beautiful and very important coming out, that of Knockouts Gisele Shaw.

Gisele Shaw comes out

The woman talked about it in two interviews with the San Francisco Chronicle and Breakfast Television in Toronto: "The news is that today I'm really living my life to the fullest, truly authentic, and I'm transgender and I'm very proud," she said on Breakfast Television.

She also added: "It's super scary, but the more I talk about it, the more I feel it normalizes and I feel more free and accept myself and love myself. I think it's very important." Shaw told The Chronicle: "There's really no perfect time to come out.

It's my journey. I felt like now was the right time for me. Coming from an Asian background, being the oldest, there was an unspoken rule, the expectation was that I would bear the family name, that I would set an example, that I would take care of my sisters.

There was a lot of pressure from my parents to be great. My sisters were so important, there was the question: How can you feel like you have failed as a parent? Gisele has to live her dream. If you want us to look at someone and take him as an example, why not someone who lives her dream and who is the best version of himself? That was something that made my parents open their eyes." We obviously send a hug to Gisele wishing her to always be happy as she is now.