Road Dogg: "Sasha Banks? I said..."


Road Dogg: "Sasha Banks? I said..."
Road Dogg: "Sasha Banks? I said..."

On Sportskeeda's microphones, Road Dogg analyzed the breakup between Banks and WWE in detail. He said: "If Sasha Banks is convinced that she is making more money by leaving WWE, then sit down. Having a car like WWE behind you is almost always cheaper." "From my point of view, Sasha had unrealistic expectations for her character.

We know the challenges of the tag team division in WWE and I understand Banks and Naomi's frustration. However, you need to have a broader view and not just consider yourself interests. The fact that you are unhappy does not justify certain actions.

The wrestling business is made up of a million small aspects, which go beyond the egos of Sasha Banks and Naomi. There is not only black and white." Well-known reporter Wade Keller talked about Naomi's situation: "The reason she won't be released is that her contract with WWE is about to expire.

We don't know exactly when it will expire, but it won't be long. This factor may have contributed to Naomi and Sasha's frustration, who weren't thrilled with the way WWE was treating them."

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According to what has been leaked in recent days, Sasha Banks would have been released by WWE in silence.

Recall that The Boss and Naomi caused controversy during the Monday Night Raw episode on May 16, having left the arena due to some creative differences shortly before the start of the show. A few hours later, WWE announced their indefinite suspension and stripped them of their duo titles.

During her Stamford career, the 30-year-old from Fairfield has won the NXT Women's Championship once, the Raw Women's Championship five times, the SmackDown Women's Championship once, and the Women's Tag Team Championship three times, of which she was champion.

inaugural. Sasha became the fourth woman in the history of the federation to have completed the Triple Crown and the third to have achieved the Grand Slam.

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