Thugmuffin: "Rhea Ripley copied my look!"

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Thugmuffin: "Rhea Ripley copied my look!"

Actress and musician Grace Rizzo aka Thugmuffin, drew attention to herself on Twitter after accusing WWE Superstar Rhea Ripley of stealing her look, which recently changed slightly after she joined the stable. Judgment Day.

In fact, the Australian wrestler dyed her hair black and began to draw just under one of the two eyes, a scale, a symbol of the stable, with the former leader Edge who used it as a symbol of justice, one of the characteristics of Judgment Day.

The girl wrote on Twitter, also attaching two photos, one of her and one of Rhea Ripley, to show a tattoo similar to the wrestler's drawing: "#RheaRipley #WWE You must have just seen me on TV and decided to steal my look.

I have had this tattoo for three years, you gave her the same tattoo and look as me but you don't let her go out with my music?"

Rhea Ripley responds her

At that point, seeing her tweet, Rhea Ripley replied clearly in points: "1.

This really isn't worth my time, but I'm bored. 2. I've been drawing random logos / things under my eye for a long time. 3. It's my group logo, plus it's a scale. They are scales, you don't have them. 4. I don't even know who you are, so take it easy and keep my name out of your mouth." In fact, everyone knows by now that Rhea Ripley actually wears that kind of make-up by drawing different things under the eye for almost two years now, adapting the drawings to the different situations that arise at work and of course, as she wrote too, is of the sign of libra, so there is nothing wrong with that.

It is probably just a coincidence that she could certainly be approached with another spirit by the artist, who could have used this similarity to actually do a collaboration with WWE. At the end of this story, the Australian also added, always on Twitter to provoke: "I'm thinking of scolding someone because they are stealing my look by having the same hair color or haircut.

Who out there has more value than me that I can scold? I really want him to scream "I want more followers."