Sensational in WWE: Asuka and Seth Rollins will change their name?

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Sensational in WWE: Asuka and Seth Rollins will change their name?

According to what was released by the WWE on the next live event in Atlantic City, the federation has in mind to bring new changes to some wrestler names, as has often done over the last few months. Indeed, Seth is expected to go from the well-known Freakin to Franklin, while the Empress Of Tomorrow could be presented as Ashule.

However, the latest rumors (fortunately) would seem to propose a solution to everything: there would only have been a typo on the part of the insiders, as also witnessed in America by the well-known Sportskeeda site. In fact, it is quite unlikely that two of WWE's leading stars will undergo changes to their names without any reference during the course of the various episodes.

Asuka and Seth Rollins will change their name?

The concern arose especially considering what are the latest habits of the federation, able to change the name many times to many characters who often represented the darlings of the public.

For example, Matt Riddle is now known only by his surname, as well as Theory himself, which seems to be directed towards a bright future which, however, will most likely have to pass first by John Cena, a historic WWE wrestler who has never hidden, even if indirectly, the esteem for him and the trust placed in his talents.
The name change can often be misleading and disturbing, but very often it is implemented for a marketing choice, a choice that could make everything that revolves around a character more usable and fast.

It must also be said, however, that these name changes did not always lead to the desired effects, as in the case of Shorty G and as "Ashule" would have done, at least in my opinion, for the talented Japanese athlete.