Rob Van Dam: "Vince McMahon? I'm grateful to have met him"

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Rob Van Dam: "Vince McMahon? I'm grateful to have met him"

In the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast, former WWE Superstar Rob Van Dam talked about his relationship with Vince Mcmahon and the AEW. On his relationship with Vince McMahon: “We have an excellent relationship.

I have nothing but respect for him. From my personal discussions and my chats with him, he has always been nothing but super respectful of me. Watching and hearing so many interviews of him that he does, I almost always agree 100% of the time with him.

I really learned to respect him, the more I understood about life, the more I grew. I feel like I'm really immature when I've worked with him. I got caught on drugs and had a long chat from him. He is the best man I know. I hope Vince lives a long time.

I am grateful to meet him."

Rob about Vince

Along with Rob Van Dam, Sabu was also arrested for drugs. In possession of both were found some unidentifiable pills but they did not leave much doubt. RVD really appreciated the success of AEW: "They are good at creating new things.

When it was created I knew Tony Khan had a lot of money to give everyone something great but despite that I never thought they could do something so successful. It often happens, every time a new federation comes up it is believed that it could become the new competitor, but often when many succeed they do not believe in it.

Instead they put up only one show and then cease to exist. When AEW started I thought that it was like all these other federations but I was wrong because it certainly wasn't. It's great that they have gathered and attracted so many fans, both TV viewers and live audiences.

In that respect I'm above federations like Impact Wrestling or any other outside WWE. They are doing great things and it could be really amazing to have a federation like AEW for a long time. It is different from the others."

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