Rikishi: "Who could dethrone the Bloodline? I said..."

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Rikishi: "Who could dethrone the Bloodline? I said..."

Bloodline at the end? A theory was recently put forward by one of the family members, namely Rikishi, who, interviewed at Sony Network's Extraaa Dhamaal, addressed the subject by talking about three wrestlers. The Bloodline formed by Roman Reign and the Usos, with the support of Paul Heyman, has really been dominating the scenes for some time now and they are always looking for a theory about who could be the people to finally steal their place.

"There is still a lot to do. I mean, they've achieved so much in the industry in a short time. They've made history by unifying both the SmackDown and Raw belts, tag teams, and even belts with Roman WWE and Universal Championship.

As I said before, right now, the Bloodline is on a different level, I'm totally on a different level. If there is anyone, it has to be a dream team to be able to step up and go against a team like the Bloodline."

Rikishi on the Bloodline

The WWE Hall of Famer then suggested that only the team formed by Yokozuna, the late Umaga and himself could have defeated Roman Reigns and his cousins ​​in that of the WWE.

"I interacted with many of my fans on my Twitch account on Rikishi Fatu and invented a fantasy match and the only way a team like Bloodline can be eliminated is a fantasy match where I almost see the deceased Umaga, the mighty ones.

Yokozuna and Rikishi vs Usos and Roman Reigns. So what I'm telling the fans out there is that it should be the Samoan vs Samoan dynasty to take down the Bloodline. " If only certain people could be brought back to life to create dream matches, surely professional wrestling would be even better than it already is and Rikishi's idea could easily be exploited by WWE. But beware, there is always The Rock available, you have to find the other members.

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