Dutch Mantell: "Here's who Roman Reigns' next rival should be"

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Dutch Mantell: "Here's who Roman Reigns' next rival should be"

During the last episode of Friday Night SmackDown, a match valid for the defense of the Tag Team Championship between the Usos and the new and well-matched couple, composed of Riddle and Shinsuke Nakamura, was staged as the Main Event.

At one point in the match, the pair came very close to dethrone the Usos when Nakamura then injured his leg. The match took on the contours of a Handicap match, Riddle did well but with a ruse made with the help of Sami Zayn the Usos confirmed the title.

Zayn had played Roman Reigns' music thus distracting Riddle and helping the Usos to win. WWE veteran Dutch Mantell spoke to the microphones of the Smack Talk broadcast and talked about the company's future choices on Roman Reigns.

The Tribal Chief and leader of the Bloodline has now dominated the company for over a year and there is curiosity about what the company's moves regarding Reigns might be.

Dutch Mantell's words about Roman Reigns

Mantell clarified his initial thinking about a possible feud between Roman Reigns and Matt Riddle and commented: "I honestly don't care what they do but I don't see any real chemistry between Riddle and Roman Reigns.

At the moment it is, then it is obvious that I could be wrong, in the end you have to bring Roman back on TV, make them grow together and then create something. Only in this way can you really build something around them." Roman Reigns intervened and was the main reason why RK-Bro lost their title and consequently their reign to the detriment of the Usos.

Recently Riddle spoke in a promo heavily attacking The Head of the Table and defining him as a person who attacks anyone from behind and as a real piece of sh*t. At the moment this possible storyline doesn't seem to be in WWE's thoughts, but that could change soon.

The company does not see Riddle as a possible candidate to win the WWE Universal Championship and rather is working to study the best possible solution to find the champion's opponent.

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