Big Show: "Here's what I think of Sasha Banks and Naomi"

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Big Show: "Here's what I think of Sasha Banks and Naomi"

After two weeks from what happened in the backstage of the company with the couple champions, Big Show, returned to perform as Paul Wight in the rings and to the comment of the AEW, wanted to have his say on the situations in the Stamford household which involve Sasha Banks and Naomi.

He explained: "For me to speculate on this would be absurd, because I don't know it. I haven't talked to Naomi, I haven't even talked to Mercedes. I think every talent. fans forget it, there are keywords that are used every time, there are opportunities and all these different things, but it's all part of the business.

We all love it and we all have a passion for this business, but sometimes important decisions have to be made in this business. Sometimes talents firmly believe in something they have and take a stand. I have never been pushed into a position where I felt I had to make a decision.

My attitude has always been very different in wrestling. I signed a contract, they pay me to do this. Whatever they ask me to do. Anything, even taking a KO from a mechanical bull, wearing a mawashi and having my as* outside at Wrestlemania while I have a sumo match.

There has never been a time when I worried about my character. I've been hit with the worst things in the past few years. I have really sold everything to these people, I have done a lot for these people. Everyone has an opinion.

I've always approached this business and I've never forgotten the golden rule, which is entertainment, it's not real, it doesn't matter." In the last few days we have done nothing but talk about Sasha Banks and Naomi, who left the backstage of the company during the last tapings of Monday Night Raw two weeks ago, leaving the federation without a main event and also leaving the own belts on the desk of the director of talent relations: John Laurinaitis.

After having had a long confrontation with the management, the two girls would have given birth to the idea of ​​leaving the backstage, taking their bags and leaving the arena where in the meantime the WWE red show had already started and where the main had also been advertised.

event of the episode in which Sasha and Naomi would have had to take part together with 4 other contenders, to decree the new n ° 1 contender for the female title of the red show. Apparently, at the moment the WWE would have done everything possible to deviate from the two athletes, including deleting their Facebook pages or their references from the site, with the two that were no longer included even in the storylines of the federation and indeed suspended for time. undetermined by the action.

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