Snoop Dogg also supports Sasha Banks


Snoop Dogg also supports Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks previously described Snoop Dogg's impact on his career in professional wrestling when he was a guest on Steve Austin's Broken Skulls last year. In fact, she revealed that she had decided to adopt the nickname The Boss after having been to Wrestlemania XXIV with the rapper, who was the Master of Ceremonies at the Orlando event.

The Boss said: "The first I did was the Boss because my cousin is Snoop Dogg. I remember at 16 going to Wrestlemania in Orlando with him and he was rehearsing and I'm walking down the ramp with him, behind him and I see all the girls.

I can see all those damn women that I look at every week and they are like: Someday I'm going to walk down this stage, and I have to do it like Snoop Dogg. Everyone around him calls him The Boss, so I felt like he's a good character and told myself to adopt him and raise the bar a bit."

Snoop Dogg also supports Sasha Banks

As we all know by now, the famous rapper Snoop Dogg is the cousin of wrestler Sasha Banks, so much so that she also accompanied her during her entry to Wrestlemania 32 by singing her theme song and taking her by the hand along a piece of ramp.

The two have been very close for many years now, and they also collaborated in the recording studio when Sasha Banks decided to record an album a couple of years ago, but it hasn't been released yet. They are also often together and support each other on any occasion.

After everything that happened last week between Sasha Banks, Naomi and the management of the WWE, there were several messages in support of the two, but to break the silence was also Snoop Dogg, who posted a photo of the two cousins on Instagram with the description "Bloodline," then tagging Sasha.

That word probably wasn't even used at random, but these are just guesses.

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