Jim Duggan has cancer again

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Jim Duggan has cancer again

Jim Duggan has cancer again. On Facebook Jim and his wife, through a video, wanted to update the fans: "Hi, folks, I hope you are enjoying the photos and videos from our travels. We had a lot of fun. But the reality is here and I am afraid I have some bad news.

It seems that my cancer treatment is not over even after the removal of my prostate last October. Tomorrow I will have my second hormone vaccine and on Tuesday they will prepare me for radiotherapy, which will be eight weeks, five days a week.

I will publish this evidence as I take it. So tomorrow, on the way to the doctor, I'll have the hormone injections. I will post it after the injections. I will post during this whole experience. Hopefully it can help someone out there because I know a lot of men, a lot of families who are going to go through this."

Jim Duggan has cancer again

"Doctors are very optimistic that they got it soon. But it's still a terrifying time for me and my family. Doctors also said to go ahead and live life, which we will do. I'll do most of the shows, but some shows I'll have to postpone or cancel and I'm sorry, but that's the way it has to be.

This will help me. You've helped me get through a bad time over the years, many times, and sharing it with you will help me get through all of that. So thank you, and please don't feel sorry for me. Be thankful they got it soon.

Thoughts and prayers are more than welcome and remember, I will get over this. Thank you very much, people." Duggan is known for his record in the World Wrestling Federation and World Championship Wrestling and for his American patriot gimmick and for carrying a 2x4 wooden stick with him at all times.

Duggan has previously won a WCW United States Championship and a WCW World Television Championship at the time of his tenure in the WCW. He was also the winner of the first Royal Rumble in history.