Matt Hardy: I wouldn’t have been that brave or courageous like him


Matt Hardy: I wouldn’t have been that brave or courageous like him
Matt Hardy: I wouldn’t have been that brave or courageous like him

Matt Hardy commented on the arrival of CM Punk, and praised everything Punk has done in his career. “I think it has been really really good for me, personally. I’m happy to see Punk back in wrestling,” Hardy said, as quoted by wrestlinginc.

“I think CM Punk is just a fantastic pro wrestler and I feel like he belongs in pro wrestling. I give him all the credit in the world for venturing out and doing MMA, UFC. That was amazing, I wouldn’t have done it even if I felt I could have.

I wouldn’t have been that brave or courageous. It took a lot of courage for him to do that, but I’m happy he’s back in pro wrestling. When it comes to pro wrestling, that is just what he’s built for and made for.

“He is one of the greatest pro wrestlers of all time and for him to come back to AEW, and be happy, and once again be fueled by such great passion, and to have this great program with MJF and write these love letters to the legends who paved the way for him and all of us, has been great.

Punk just seems like he’s very happy to be back which is nice, and I know towards the end of his WWE run, he was just burnt out and miserable. It is easy for that to happen in this industry, especially if you end up in this weird space, so it’s great to see him back, and relaxed, and passionate, and in love with pro wrestling again”.

Matt Hardy on new wrestlers and helping

With his experience and knowledge, Hardy can be of help to many wrestlers who want to build a career or are already building one. “There were two guys that actually just contacted me from the Dark tapings which weren’t on, two of the guys I worked with recently that said, ‘hey, I have this question — I have to do this promo.

Hey, I have this match, what do you think I should do as the finish?’ I was very happy to give them a buzz back, and give them my insight and give them what I thought would be best for them. They were like, ‘oh, thank you so much.

It’s so cool that you buzzed me back because I have to do it in 30 minutes, so thank you for that.’ I’m big on doing that and really big on giving back. I love working with people, new people around the US in this final run that we’re doing, all these indie shows.

Guys will ask me can I watch this match, can I do this, and a lot of time, I don’t have the time to. But if I have the time to look at clips, I will give them my honest feedback and I’ll try and be as upfront with them as I can to better their game”.

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