Kurt Angle: "Sting an old-time professional"

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Kurt Angle: "Sting an old-time professional"

In the last few years of his WWE ring career, Kurt Angle has held a variety of roles, from retired wrestler going to his last Wrestlemania ring match against Baron Corbin, to Monday Night General Manager Raw, including being the acknowledged biological father of a federation athlete who later disappeared from the scene, Jason Jordan, with the athlete who should have had a big push, if a neck injury hadn't forced him to stop fighting .

Shortly after his dismissal as a road agent due to the outbreak of the global pandemic, Kurt Angle was also offered the role of manager for Monday Night Raw rising star Matt Riddle, with WWE Olympic Gold Medalist playing, he would have had to work alongside Randy Orton's tag team partner, to make it grow in front of the cameras on the main roster, after his arrival on Raw starting from NXT.

Before his return to WWE, however, Angle had also been in TNA for a few years, where he had become one of the spearheads of the company, also becoming world champion several times and right at that moment, Angle fought against Sting, sewing a great friendship with the legendary WCW athlete.

Kurt Angle and the big compliments for Sting

In his latest speech to the microphones of the Kurt Angle Show, the WWE Hall of Famer wanted to speak very highly of his colleague from the times of the TNA, with Kurt who in fact stated: "Sting was wonderful.

One of the kindest people in the world. He was very professional, he wasn't involved in politics of any kind, and he never ditched any wrestler in his career. He was a really good guy and a great wrestler. I loved every single moment of working with him."

Once again, truly excellent words come to the WWE Hall of Famer who more than any other marked the careers of many colleagues, both in the WCW and TNA rings that now on those of the AEW, with a very short break in WWE that unfortunately did not end as the fans would have hoped, ending after only a few matches and with an injury that seemed to have ended his career forever.