Vince Russo: "Alexa Bliss' come back didn't convince me at all"


Vince Russo: "Alexa Bliss' come back didn't convince me at all"
Vince Russo: "Alexa Bliss' come back didn't convince me at all"

In the latest edition of Legion of RAW on Sportskeeda, former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo commented on the return of Alexa Bliss. After several weeks of speculation, Alexa is finally back in the ring. The 30-year-old from Columbus defeated Sonya Deville with her famous Twisted Bliss in what was her first official match since Elimination Chamber.

During her WWE career, Alexa has held the Raw Women's Championship three times, the SmackDown Women's Championship twice, and the Women's Tag Team Championship twice alongside Nikki Cross. She also won the 2018 edition of the Money in the Bank ladder match and became the second Triple Crown.

Alexa Bliss is finally back in the ring

He said: "The return of Alexa Bliss did not convince me at all, the WWE has completely wrong the modalities. We had left her struggling with the doctor and she now finds herself involved in a feud with Sonya Deville.

But does this seem like the correct way to treat a star? The character of Alexa has now lost all credibility in the eyes of the fans. Sonya Deville, for her part, seemed almost afraid of Alexa Bliss. Dear Sonya, why were you so scared? You weren't facing The Undertaker.

I think it was a ridiculous segment." Vince also gave Becky Lynch a dig: "I didn't like what Becky said about her colleagues in All Elite Wrestling. Women have fought to earn the status they have today and it is vital that they remain cohesive, even if they play in different federations.

Only in this way can they remain strong across the board." A judgment on Cody Rhodes could not be missing: "His return to WWE left everyone speechless. When All Elite Wrestling was born, there was an almost brotherly feeling among the members of the roster.

Today this is no longer the case. Vince McMahon offered him more money to do the same things he did in AEW and Cody agreed."

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