Famous wrestler: I thought my life would end with the birth of a child

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Famous wrestler: I thought my life would end with the birth of a child

The role of the mother can sometimes be difficult and stressful and most mothers do not know how to deal with it. Becky Lynch is one of those mothers who was in great fear before the baby was born, and it was hard for her to think about the future.

“Being a mom is great. Oh my god, it’s way better than I ever thought it was going to be. Oh, my God, I was terrified. Before, I was terrified. You know, it’s like, ‘Everything’s gone. My freedom, my life is over.

“I don’t Am I gonna be able to pick up where I left off? Am I going to be able to get back in shape?’ All of these things that you worry about. ‘Am I going to be a good mother? Like, what if I don’t bond with her?’ However, things are different now and she is extremely happy to have a child, because it is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world.

“All these things, but she’s the best. I smile every day because of her. We take her on the road everywhere with us. I don’t really sleep but I just drink more coffee, and yeah, just got the best of both worlds now and it makes everything better”.

Becky Lynch on her wrestling status

Some fans know how to be rude and say that Becky Lynch is overrated and does not deserve the status she has. What is most important to her is that she is one of the most famous, that she has always given her best and deserves great respect.

“I keep hearing now that I’m ‘overrated.’ I don’t think I even know what that really means. Does it mean that I’m not what you think i should be? I’m working my [booty] off and delivering what I say and get a reaction every single time.

What does that mean? Of course it’s only from a few loud people." The world of celebrities carries its own difficulties and flaws that you have to face, and Lynch seems like a person who doesn’t react much to criticism.

"And that’s naturally gonna happen as you rise up the ranks. … Yeah, I think it happens with anybody trying to make art or entertain. But you always hope you can get the people talking in whatever way. That’s what you dream about. This is already bigger than I ever could have possibly imagined”.