Alexa Bliss proposes a great new match at Sackdown with ...

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Alexa Bliss proposes a great new match at Sackdown with ...

As reported on the eve of the Friday Night Smackdown episode aired tonight, WWE had already planned an angle with Kevin Owens and Alexa Bliss in this episode, where the Canadian would have asked for explanations to the former champion of the blue show, regarding the various trance attacks that the girl would have suffered in recent weeks, with the great contribution of The Fiend, which apparently was the author of everything we had seen in the previous episodes of the blue show.

For those who do not want to have spoilers of the Smackdown episode aired this night on FOX, please end your reading here. As you might have guessed from the Kevin Owens Show segment, The Fiend eventually appeared sensationally in the latest installment of the blue show, brutally attacking the former Universal Champion, with Alexa Bliss standing there watching.

But let's start from the beginning

After introducing the guest of the evening, Alexa Bliss, Kevin Owens took very little to get to the heart of the discussion, asking the girl why she had made all the attacks of the past few weeks and above all if The Fiend has made her any type of brainwashing.

After some brief delays, the former blue show champion confirmed that she was the victim of a real brainwashing by the alter ego of Bray Wyatt and added that she now sees the truth for what it is. After adding the words he is everywhere and he is hearing us even now, Alexa also added the famous phrase "Let Him In", with which the blonde athlete from the blue show literally opened the doors to an on-screen return.

of the Smackdown demon. After seeing the lights go out, The Fiend appeared in the Smackdown ring brutally attacking Kevin Owens with his Mandible Claw, which knocked out the Canadian without too much delay. In all this, the beautiful Alexa remained watching the attack, without moving and without doing anything, with the athlete who at the end of the attack took the hand of the demon of the blue show, making everyone understand that now among the two there is a great understanding.

Apparently, during the evening, the WWE also confirmed a great match for the next episode of the blue show, that is Kevin Owens will see it directly with the Smackdown Fiend in a match never seen in the company's rings and which is already putting a lot of hype towards WWE Universe members around the world.

Meanwhile, during a podcast Alexa revealed: “I was bullied during my childhood. I was even forced to change school given my situation.

The day before the Christmas holidays I was walking down the halls with my boyfriend and I was punched by a girl and I was knocked out. The truth is this girl wanted to set part of a group and they told her she had to hit someone.

I was an easy target, I remember that I couldn't see anything that Christmas because my eyes were practically closed. "Alexa was forced to change schools but improved in her self defense. Alexa reveals that because of her character in WWE she struggled to have boys: "Because of the person and character I was playing the boys were afraid to come to me, especially when I was at the top of WWE and I was champion."