Bianca Belair attacke by Becky Lynch after Backlash!

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Bianca Belair attacke by Becky Lynch after Backlash!

At Wrestlemania Backlash we only had one titled contest in the entire premium live event, in fact the only belt up for grabs was the women's SmackDown belt between Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey. This left the WWE Universe a little perplexed, but at the same time it became clear that it was a transitional premium live event, which didn't need the belts up for grabs so much.

One of the many excluded was certainly the Raw Women’s Championship, which is currently held by Bianca Belair, who seemed to have to defend her right at Backlash against Sonya Deville, but the dispute has been moved to two weeks ago on Raw.

Unveiled provocations In this regard, the one who was champion before the EST of WWE, or Big Time Becks, had to say, who during the show entered her twitter account to tease Bianca. Becky Lynch in fact wrote: "When I was champion, my title was defended in every ppv."

Of course she was a sheer dig at annoying her Wrestlemania opponent and somehow reaffirming the fact that she is better as a champion than anyone else. Bianca Belair, however, was not silent about suffering and decided to answer her in kind: "This comes from the woman who literally handed over her title and lost it the last time she defended it ...

Girl, go to hell, never insult my work ethic and / or credibility, because you tried! And oh yes, happy Mother's Day! " Here the original Tweet: "Coming from the woman who literally HANDED her title over and lost it the last time she defended it… Girl, GTH Don’t ever come for my work ethic and/or credibility… cause you tried it!

And oh yeah, Happy Mother Days."