Randy Orton: "I'll be remembered for being alone in WWE"


Randy Orton: "I'll be remembered for being alone in WWE"
Randy Orton: "I'll be remembered for being alone in WWE"

Host on Inside The Ropes, Randy Orton talked about his legacy and his friendship with Cody Rhodes revealing that Cody took great care of him during their first stint together in the federation. The two spent several nights traveling together and in the ring they participated in several matches, in the form of the stable Legacy of the late 2000s.

Orton spoke highly of Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr, saying that they helped him a lot to achieve successes and were instrumental in winning the 2009 Royal Rumble. During the WWE European tour, Randy Orton explained how, even though he was the tag team partner of a young Cody Rhodes at the time, it was Cody who still had to look after him: “He was young that's true, but I was pretty young when he arrived.

And I was still in a period where I needed someone. So while I was the one who took him under my wing when he was brand new, he probably is responsible for taking me around the world safely for three long years of my career.

If it wasn't for him, I might not be here right now. After the shows he always took care of me."

Randy Orton: "I'll be remembered for being alone in WWE"

In addition, Randy Orton also told of having numerous stories given the many trips made together.

The Viper also joked that a book could be written with the anecdotes about the cheating of the former AEW Superstar: "There would be several stories to tell about my friend. We had a lot of fun and wild evenings with other guys.

But it was like a lifetime ago. You know, we're both married now with kids. There is no reason I remember all those old things. Maybe when my children are grown up and his children too, we could write a book to tell everything.

There could also be entire chapters about all the infamous jokes that Cody has made." On his legacy for the future of WWE: “A lot of people ask me what my legacy will be. I think I will be remembered as the only man after the Undertaker who has never been to any other federation.

I will continue to stay here again. I am still fit and ready to fight for years. I have a long way ahead of me. I will be remembered as the one who did all this ”.

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