Ronda Rousey: "I'd like to involve my mom in WWE"

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Ronda Rousey: "I'd like to involve my mom in WWE"

Speaking on the Wives of Wrestling podcast, Ronda Rousey said she's open to involving her family members in a WWE storyline. She believes her husband would make a great partner, but she's not entirely sure about her mother's involvement because apparently the woman would have complained about some Becky Lynch promos too hard for her, so much so that Ronda had to go to Becky to talk to her.

and warn you of any danger. She said: "I think Trav would be willing to do that; I think we'd have a good time. We'd love it. I think my mom could actually like it and fuck somebody if they said something to piss her off.

Like, 100%. At one point I had to say to Becky Lynch: Hey, Becky. I don't think you can say more about my mother, because she could kill you if she saw you!" Apparently AnnMaria De Mars, real name of the mother of the Baddest Woman on the Planet, would have told her daughter that if anyone had ever spoken ill of her during some storyline she would have come to take revenge in a way that is not at all light and calm.

"My mom literally said to me: These people could pay you to put up with this kind of bullshit, no one pays me if someone says bullshit about me, and if I were to see them in person, I'd break their fucking arm."

Just to give you context, to make you understand how tough the lady is and also to make you understand who has taken Ronda at this point, AnnMaria De Mars is a judoka who won the gold medal at the World Judo Championships in 1984, perhaps also for this reason she is not intimidated by wrestlers and is ready to step in to defend her honor and that of her daughter.

Ronda about her experience in WWE

During her chat on the Wives of Wrestling podcast, Baddest Woman on the Planet talked about how her experience in the wrestling rings is still somewhat limited, so much so that she has to rely on her opponents.

"In this Wrestlemania that just went through, I said, I don't have it at all. We were about to go out and I'm like, Uh, I don't know this whole match yet. But all the parts that I wasn't sure about. what happened next, it was a part where I could tag along or something, to someone else.

I am very dependent on who I am there to match with and I rely on them to guide me when I am out there. I'm from the show that masks something I don't know well. I only had a year and a half of experience, and people forget it a lot.

I get thrown into these situations where I need to do more repetitions and I need to know what this is. Whoever my opponent is, I can also give it to them and say, 'I'm not going to argue with you, you have the match of your dreams, what do you want it to be? Let's do it.

'It was really nice to get to work with anyone to see what kind of match their dream meeting is in that situation. Sasha Banks, I got to go to New York and meet one of the guys who really helped her put things together and see how she did and build our match at Royal Rumble together, which was different from when I fought Nia Jax.

She came to Browsey Acres and we put together a lot of ideas. It's really nice to learn from every opponent I have, the different ways they put matches together and the different things they do and the different styles and how they are able to adapt to what their idea is."