Alexa Bliss on WWE: "Waiting for their call"

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Alexa Bliss on WWE: "Waiting for their call"

In January we saw Alexa Bliss who comes back to WWE TV screens after a few months' break due to a nasal septal operation that had taken the girl away from the scene. The last time Alexa fought in the ring was against Charlotte Flair for the Raw title, when Queen destroyed her doll and her friend Lilly.

Since her return, to every episode of Raw, there has always been Alexa in a psychologist's office, helping her find herself and most likely let go of the evil part that she Alexa had found alongside The Fiend. In fact, the more you went on with the segments, the more there were details of her that changed, such as her hairstyle, clothes, her behavior, initially very aggressive and now calmer, or her makeup, which gradually became lighter and lighter the lipstick from black to red.

Shortly before Wrestlemania, however, we witnessed a new disappearance of the athlete, who this time had an even more valid reason for being absent, namely her wedding, celebrated only a few days ago. Interviewed literally on the fly, just landed from her honeymoon in an airport in the USA, the former main roster champion wanted to answer a few questions from her interlocutor, Adam Glynn, who asked Alexa how long the fans will have to wait, to see her in the WWE rings.

To this question, Alexa cleared herself of this prolonged absence, saying: "I hope soon. I'm just waiting for a call." Basically, once the nose surgery is filed and the marriage chapter closed, Alexa Bliss would be ready for her return to the company's rings, with WWE management likely to be taking time to build.

at best her return storyline, in a division that at the moment seems to be in desperate need of her to get up again.