Jake The Snake: "I told Vince McMahon to fire Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels"

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Jake The Snake: "I told Vince McMahon to fire Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels"

One of the historical moments par excellence in the history of WWF / E is certainly that linked to the 1997 edition of the Survivor Series of the McMahon company, where the well-known Screwjob of Montreal was staged, where Bret Hart was stripped of the title of world champion of WWF, despite the fact that he had never lost his match against Shawn Michaels.

This sudden change of plans, which forever changed the relationship between the Canadian and Vince McMahon, served WWE to ensure that The Hitman did not bring the most important WWF title with him in WCW, after the athlete had already signed a agreement with the Turner family to step into the rings of the second most important company in America.

For many, this was the start of WWF's Attitude Era, which led the McMahon company to win the famous Monday night war against WCW Monday Nitro, WWF's main rating opponent at the time.

Jake "The Snake" wanted both of them to be fired from WWE

In his latest interview in the podcast of historian Chris Jericho, the famous Talk Is Jericho, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, wanted to talk about that period of WWF, when he worked in the backstage of the company as a producer, with the situation regarding the quarrels you continue between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels who was unsustainable.

Regarding this affair, Jake in fact stated: "When we were sitting trying to write something for TV, Shawn and Bret kept throwing piss at each other. We were trying to write and Vince had to be on the phone for three hours each time.

try to calm those two cats. He was trying to get them to fight each other but in the ring. I once said to him 'Vince, what are you doing? Fire those two motherfuckers, tell them to take the road to f** it. "Speaking instead of the Kliq and the problems that arose in the late 90s, Jake wanted to reveal: "When he took me back with him in '96, Vince said to me 'Jake, look around and tell me what you think the problem is' I replied 'he is very simple friend, those guys are pulling the strings of the asylum, the Kliq' 'The Kliq is really killing the business' so he told me.

'Everyone knows and says how big they are, so I want to tell you one thing, despite everything, they still ruined everything' "