Becky Lynch: "This is the importance of Triple H women's WWE"

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Becky Lynch: "This is the importance of Triple H women's WWE"

A few weeks ago, Triple H announced his retirement from wrestling. The Game thus put an end to an extraordinary career, which allowed him to become an absolute icon of this business. The last few months have been particularly complicated for HHH, struggling with rehabilitation after the delicate heart surgery he underwent in September 2021.

During this time, the 14-time world champion had the opportunity to reflect and gave up the desire to return to the fight. In recent years, Hunter has done invaluable work behind the scenes as well. After stepping away from the ring, the Cerebral Assassin focused on growing NXT to make the Black and Gold brand a great alternative to the Raw and SmackDown shows.

During an interview with Drew Garabo, Becky Lynch remarked how important Triple H has also been in growing the women's division. Becky said: "Triple H has never treated us differently from our male colleagues. He always made sure we got the right treatment at NXT.

He helped us grow, as well as giving us the opportunity to show off." D-Von Dudley also spent nice words for HHH: "I learned the news of his retirement and was moved when he deposited his boots in the center of the ring at Wrestlemania 38.

I want to thank The Game not only for giving me the chance to become a producer, but also for agreeing to lose a match against me at SmackDown in May 2002. HHH gave me a lot of advice that helped me over the next few years.

He did an outstanding job both in and out of the ring. Without his input, NXT would never have become what it is today. After announcing his retirement, he received a myriad of thank you messages. I assure you they were all sincere. He made the history of this business."