Brian Hebner: "Eddie Guerrero wouldn't love today's wrestling"

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Brian Hebner: "Eddie Guerrero wouldn't love today's wrestling"

One of the WWE athletes who unfortunately died very prematurely, but who nevertheless has remained in the hearts of WWE fans ever since, is definitely WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero, one of the athletes of the McMahon family who had succeeded more than any other athlete in bringing as many fans as possible to follow his exploits on the television screens of the federation, both as regards the Mexican market and as regards various other international markets.

Unlike many other athletes in the company, with his unmistakable style, Eddie Guerrero was able to attract fans from both heel and face, with his latest rivalries with Batista, Rey Mysterio or JBL that literally made fans fall in love with his character, so much so that we mourn him even today, more than 15 years after his death.

In his latest interview Brian Hebner, the well-known son of Earl Hebner, who was the referee of the famous Montreal Screwjob, wanted to talk about Eddie and the fact that the WWE Hall of Famer, in case he was still alive today, he would not appreciate the style of modern wrestling that much.

In his latest interview with Reffin It Up, Brian Hebner wanted to talk about Eddie and the possibility that the Mexican might not like modern wresting, saying: "No. I don't think he would be happy with that. I think Eddie would still like wrestling, but he wouldn't love it.

I think the current style being used is something he might not particularly like, in my opinion. What I'm talking about is that sense of smash and burn, smash and burn, no sales, no sell. All of them come out of any type of finisher and any type of end mechanism.

I don't think this is Eddie Guerrero's method." According to one of the insiders who had a lot to do with the late Eddie, therefore, the most famous Mexican Superstar ever in the WWE rings may not appreciate the style being sent.

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