Randy Orton: "My legacy will surpass that of Roman Reigns"

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Randy Orton: "My legacy will surpass that of Roman Reigns"

Two of the most important characters of today's WWE are certainly the Legend Killer of Monday Night Raw, currently champion of the couple together with Matt Riddle, with whom he forms the RK-Bro, or rather Randy Orton and the absolute unified champion of the main roster, Roman Reigns, the Tribal Chief reached 600 days of reign with his Universal Championship to life.

After having done over a year of title reign, after beating Braun Strowman and The Fiend in that of Payback of 2020, the Tribal Chief of the blue show also managed to beat Brock Lesnar in that of Wrestlemania 38, going to win the WWE title held by Brock himself, won a few weeks earlier at Elimination Chamber.

Between Orton and Reigns there have been few changes over the years, but in his latest interview with WWE cameras, the now legendary Legend Killer wanted to make a comparison with the absolute champion of the main roster, saying he was rethinking his own career, the best and most impressive ever.

Interviewed on a documentary dedicated to his best moments in the WWE rings by the cameras of the company, Randy Orton wanted to make a comparison with the wrestler currently on everyone's lips and on which WWE has been focusing more in the last 2-3 years, with Orton affirming: "Roman will go to Hollywood and I will still be here.

I'm in my prime, ladies and gentlemen. I still have a long way to go. My legacy will be, the one that I have come farther than all the others." With very few but equally clear sentences, Randy Orton made it clear to WWE Universe fans that he still has a great desire to travel the world with WWE, continuing to bring in staged his moves, his matches and his storylines, continuing to reap success after success, as already done in recent months, when he exceeded the greatest appearances in the company's PPVs and the number of matches played in front of the company's cameras, always in ppv.