Eric Bischoff: "WWE did well to change the names of their athletes"

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Eric Bischoff: "WWE did well to change the names of their athletes"

Over the past few weeks, WWE has gone on to change numerous names of its athletes, with a move to the main roster being the right move to match those changes. From NXT to the main roster, we have in fact seen Pete Dunne pass, who later became Butch, Raquel Gonzalez who became Raquel Rodriguez and the duo formed by WALTER (who already became Gunther in recent weeks) and Marcel Barthel, on the main roster called Ludwig Kaiser.

All these changes sounded a bit strange to the ears of WWE Universe fans, who had been calling these athletes with their old names for years and with many members of the WWE public who in fact complained on various social networks, because they were unhappy with the new ones.

ring-name chosen by the WWE for their favorites. One of those who instead applauded the choice of WWE, purely for a corporate factor, is the ex of the company Eric Bischoff, who in his last interview wanted to make a complete analysis of the reasons that led WWE to change the names of his athletes who had already become famous in the independents, before his debut in the company.

Eric Bischoff applauds WWE's choice to change the names

In his speech to the microphones of Stricly Business, Bischoff wanted to state the following sentences: "If he was WALTER in his independent career and continues to be WALTER on Monday NIght Raw or Smackdown, in the end there will always be that cloud as to who should own the rights to the name.

WWE doesn't want to have intellectual property issues, talents, storylines, creativity, promotion and all of these things that could undermine the security of an intellectual property if they don't ultimately own it.

Who would do it? It would be the same problem if we decide to rent a piece of property, a beachfront property, it is not ours, but we rent it and then we both decide, even if we know it is only for rent, to build a house on it.

We build a huge and beautiful house on this beachfront piece of property and maybe the owner of the area shows up and also tells us that we did a great job, building his dream home on the property he owns. You see, there are already obvious problems.

You have invested all your money in a beautiful house, in a piece of property that is not even yours. In this case, WALTER is the property that you don't even own and in this case, instead, Gunther is the house."