Kevin Owens: "Match against Stone Cold? I said ..."

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Kevin Owens: "Match against Stone Cold? I said ..."

At Wrestlemania 38 we saw an unexpected match between Stone Cold Steve Austin, a true legend of the ring, and Kevin Owens, one of the most respected and appreciated wrestlers in the world of professional wrestling. During an interview with Metro UK, the Canadian himself explained what he felt when Vince McMahon told him the first time that he would face his idol at the most important event of the discipline.

"Vince told me a little while ago. My reaction was a quiet cheer because I was in Vince's office, but I may have said some dirty word to him - positively! It was really surreal. It's funny, because I was a fan of his from the start.

He came as the Ringmaster, and he too could probably say it wasn't a great moment in his career. I loved him like the Ringmaster! And then he became Stone Cold and was on another level. " Kevin Owens understands the importance of his match with Stone Cold and added that he will continue to enjoy that moment for probably the rest of his life and the rest of his career.

"To get to be the one who did it, there are a lot of really talented and knowledgeable Superstars out there. For me to be the one in this situation is a great honor and I don't take it lightly." Immediately after leaving the Dallas ring, to arrive in the gorilla position of the AT&T Stadium, Stone Cold was reached by the cameras of the company, to which he wanted to leave his comment of the dispute: "I came here ready for anything.

This is where it all started. I was lucky enough to end it here, KO is awesome and he got his mouth going a little too much and he finally got them, but it was truly an honor to be on such a great card with so many matches in it."