Gangrel criticizes the return of Cody Rhodes


Gangrel criticizes the return of Cody Rhodes
Gangrel criticizes the return of Cody Rhodes

The biggest twist to come on the first night dedicated to Wrestlemania 38, was certainly the return to the WWE rings of Cody Rhodes, former AEW athlete, who recently signed a multi-year contract with the McMahons, after being absent for a few years from the rings of the Stamford company, to participate instead in the birth of the rival company.

Even though fans had known for weeks how the mysterious athlete who would face Seth Rollins would be WWE Hall of Famer's youngest son Dusty Rhodes, WWE wanted to keep it confidential until the very end, even chartering a private jet to bring the former TNT Champion of the Khans company to Dallas.
In the end, it was Cody Rhodes who magically appeared in front of the WWE Visionary at Wrestlemania 38, with cheering Dallas fans who could not wait to see him again in the rings that have seen him grow up for years, first with his name and then under the clothes of Stardust.

To the microphones of his latest interview released for Wrestling Inc, the well-known former WWE athlete, Gangrel, seen in the Brood stable with Edge and Christian several years ago, wanted to criticize WWE for not leaving a bigger surprise effect for the return of Cody.

"Everyone already knew something and everyone knew this and that, so there was no surprise moment. Definitely, I think the mystery was just missing in this case and that magic, that suspense and surprise in everything. Because everyone speculated that he was coming, that Cody Rhodes would be back, you can't hide everything, now you can't do it anymore when you have a company that invests in the stock market.

Everything comes out sooner or later, but I miss it a little, this is bad for wrestling, for fans like me. I want to be surprised, I want to see something and not have already guessed what it will be."

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