Becky Lynch: "I love this about wrestling"

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Becky Lynch: "I love this about wrestling"

During an interview with TV Insider, Becky Lynch, who recently lost her Raw champion belt at Wrestlemania 38 by handing it to Bianca Belair, talked about this and that, also revealing what she personally prefers about professional wrestling.

The Irishwoman, who had already stated in the past that wrestling fans rarely remember moves, but will always remember a good or bad storyline, said that telling her stories is her favorite thing. "It's just that.

It's the story. When we watch something, we watch and hear a story. So you want to tell it in the best and most intriguing way possible. It's an art. This is the part I love about it more than anything else, being able to bring the audience in with us.

We see the athleticism. We see the moves. That's not what draws us. What draws us is the emotion." Recently, after a not exactly beauty salon haircut that Bianca Belair gave her before Wrestlemania, Becky Lynch got her hair fixed by sporting a very rock cut and reverting to a bright orange color like the one the first ones wore times on the main roster.

This is obviously also part of the storyline between her and EST, and during the interview Becky said that the most important thing for her is to tell a good story in the ring. "It's the middle ground. The rawness of it all.

I'm not the most athletic in the world, but I can tell an amazing story. This is the part that I have focused on. How can I tell the best story? How do I get them on. That carousel? How do I attract that emotion? As the old saying goes, people won't remember what you did or said, but how you made them feel."

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