Matt Hardy on the return of Steve Austin


Matt Hardy on the return of Steve Austin
Matt Hardy on the return of Steve Austin

During the last episode of The Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy, Jeff's brother Matt Hardy talked about Steve Austin and his match at WrestleMania 38 but also about Cody Rhodes and his old rivalry with his brother. The Texas Rattlesnake starred on the first night of Wrestlemania against Kevin Owens in a no holds barred match.

Matt Hardy loved the match and was happy to watch it: "I mean, I loved it, I was so happy that Steve Austin had that moment. Steve has always been great with my brother and me. But he's always been very generous to me, we've always had a great relationship.

I was so happy to see him back in the ring, he was great. I am so happy that he has had another match and we are in 2022. It was also built in the right way and for that it looked fantastic. I texted him later that night and spoke to him later.

No one is more deserving of something, in my opinion, more than Stone Cold Steve Austin." On Cody Rhodes in WWE: "I'm happy for him. It was a great return. I've always had a good relationship with Cody. We spent a lot of time together in Jacksonville, also because Tony Khan wanted a lot of shots to be done for the shows around the time of the pandemic.

During that time, I spent a lot of time with everyone and I got very close to Cody. It was bad to see him go, we are friends but anyway I am happy for him. Regardless of where he went, you know he would be successful. He needs to have new goals in wrestling.

You can't stay that long in one place, unless you're their top athlete at Undertaker or Roman Reigns right now." On the old rivalry with his brother Jeff Hardy: "The whole thing about burning Jeff's house, I never liked.

I remember thinking, I could be jealous of my brother because he was more popular than me. do whatever it takes to embarrass him. But burning his house was perhaps too much of an exaggeration. I never shared it."

ost 30 years, now it's time to do more."

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