The Undertaker wants Bray Wyatt back in WWE?

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The Undertaker wants Bray Wyatt back in WWE?

During an interview released during the Wrestlemania 38 weekend, The Undertaker talked about Bray Wyatt: "I hope to see Bray Wyatt back in the ring as soon as possible, as that guy has a talent out of the ordinary. He has what it takes to become an icon of this business.

I hope he will return soon to delight the fans." During a long interview with Joe Tessitore for ESPN, Deadman revealed the keys to his extraordinary longevity: "One of the main secrets was the absolute dedication to my character.

People have always associated me with The Undertaker, even in everyday life. When people met me at the airport, they acted as if they were facing the Undertaker. My attitude has always been in line with my gimmick. In some ways it was a sacrifice, but I must admit that it was worth it." The Phenom is very different away from the cameras: "I'm not as dark as you see me on TV.

I like playing jokes and I don't take myself too seriously. I miss being in the ring, but now I can spend more time with my family. I've been on TV for almost 30 years, now it's time to do more."

Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair in a dark match: why?

In the latest episode of SmackDown, post Wrestlemania 38, Ronda Rousey first stepped into the ring with journalist Kayla Braxton to talk about what happened at the Showcase of the Immortals, where she lost to SmackDown champion Charlotte Flair.

In the interview, The Baddest Woman on The Planet revealed her intention to continue chasing the SmackDown Women's Championship. The former UFC Champion has said he wants to face Charlotte Flair again in a rematch, but with the stipulation I Quit at Wrestlemania Backlash.

Although Charlotte refused on the spot, WWE at Talking Smack made the match official. The two after the episode of the blue show found themselves in the ring to challenge each other in a dark match and thanks to the report made by Wrestling Inc., through their reader, TheKingOfKings, we are able to tell you what happened.

"After the bell rings, Charlotte ducks under the middle rope and starts humming the crowd. Eventually they make a lock up, but the referee breaks it. Charlotte hits Ronda in the stomach with a Big Boot and takes Ronda and puts her in a corner.

Charlotte hits Ronda's chest with two Chops, when she tries her third, Ronda grabs her and lands a judo flip. Ronda gets up and hits Charlotte with a flurry of punches until Charlotte ducks under the center rope. Charlotte tries to do a Clothesline in Ronda, but she ducks down and kicks Charlotte in the stomach.

Again, Charlotte rolls out under the bottom rope. Charlotte walks around the ring and interacts with the crowd. She pretends to go back to the ring a couple of times. Finally, she enters, grabs Ronda by her head, and axes her neck to drop into the top rope from the outside.

Charlotte goes for another kick but gets blocked and makes a Powerslam for a two count. As Ronda walks up to her, Charlotte makes her hit the stake with her face. The finale comes when Charlotte attempts Figure 8 and Ronda flips her over into an Ankle Lock, which Charlotte breaks by reaching for the rope.

She rolls under the ring and grabs her title. Charlotte comes out of the ring and gives Ronda the win by count-out. After the match, Charlotte attacks Ronda as she is turned on her back and knocks her down. She taunts Ronda by putting the belt on her face.

Ronda proceeds to grab Charlotte's arm and place her in the Piper's Pit, then in the Arm Bar, to which Charlotte immediately surrenders. Charlotte who gives up sends the crowd home happy. "