JBL: "Social media ruined WWE heels"

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JBL: "Social media ruined WWE heels"

One of the greatest heels in the recent history of WWE is certainly JBL, pseudonym of John Bradshaw Layfield, former WWE world champion, who became universally famous for having carried on a feud against the late Eddie Guerrero very long and very beautiful, with WWE Universe fans who both loved and hated this rivalry for the brutality that JBL managed to bring to the ring with his character.

After finishing his commitments as a fighter, JBL has also become a much appreciated reporter by the fans of the company, with his contribution to the commentary table which did not last long, given some problems that have arisen with other colleagues, which eventually led to his estrangement from the company.

Despite everything, JBL is recognized globally as one of the most capable performers in the last two decades of WWE, with his name also ending up in the Hall of Fame of the Stamford company, in the 2020 class of the federation.

In his latest interview, one of the greatest heel ever wanted to lash out at today's heels, going against their work on social networks, which apparently would completely distort their characters on TV.

Interviewed in the last hours by the microphones of After The Bell, with Corey Graves of WWE, JBL wanted to say: "I've seen some guys do heel tactics or whatever was really hateful.

And then they go to social media and put their kids with bible passages. I mean, dude, there's nothing wrong with putting your kids with bible passages, it's wonderful. But not if you are a heel and you want to be, you have to keep your character.

These social media kill a lot of kids. Because they expose their way of doing it, making it clear that what they do is just a job." According to JBL, who is part of the old guard of the pro-wrestling world, a heel should therefore also stage a character on their social networks, as for example done for years by The Undertaker, who also went around with a hearse as a vehicle and for years did not speak in public, except with the help of Paul Bearer, at the beginning of the WWF.

Paul Heyman would like to work with Ronda Rousey!

A few hours ago we told you about the fact that Paul Heyman gave an interview to Sports Media talking about wanting to work alongside Charlotte Flair to help her in WWE.

In the same interview in Wise Man he said he would like to join Ronda Rousey as well: "The same goes for Ronda Rousey. There are things about Ronda Rousey that are so far ahead of everything, that are so beyond anyone's ability to understand how much great it can be.

And there is no way she can achieve it alone. She needs someone to perform with. An actor who does a monologue will never be this great, I don't care if Laurence Olivier plays Othello in the park. It's never going to be as big as putting himself in juxtaposition, or doing a scene with another artist who can bring out something from Olivier that he can't bring out of himself.

So, with that in mind, the chance to work with Ronda Rousey, whose entire life was founded on breaking through barriers, and breaking through glass ceilings, and reaching levels that no one else in history on the face of the earth, male, female, or whatever other genre we're interested in identifying, has ever reached in their entire life, or will, it's oh my God." Heyman's praise for Rousey by no means stopped there, in fact the manager added: "Selfishly, I'd love to see what could come out of my performance.

So, yes, I'd love to work with Ronda Rousey. Working with her behind the scenes. it goes far beyond inspiration. Because there is a struggle for greatness that lives within Ronda that you just have to recognize whenever you are around her.

" Ronda was not only part of Wrestlemania 38 where she touched the second main event together with Charlotte Flair, but she actually participated in the first main event of the all-female show always with The Queen and then with Becky Lynch.

On seeing women close the show on Wrestlemania's Night 2, Paul Heyman said: "Here's the way it is, you'll see it in the next ten years or less, Wrestlemania main event, night two, main event, the end. of the weekend. You will see two women in the main event, I have no doubts.

The competition is fierce, they are too good, they are growing fast, and their talent is in the spotlight. They will end up there."